About Sven Joerg Hansen

From the abstract to the reality behind, is the journey the viewer makes in the paintings of Sven.The reality behind the illusion that we call life. A world behind the visible world, the world of the spirit. The viewer travels back in time, from the abstract to the object, the soul.  

Inspired by Buddhism, Hinduism and Tao, the stories of Sven’s work is the immeasurable “diversity of the mind” of the collective consciousness, the “soulscape” of man. Unfathomable journeys, indescribable in words or images, that can only be told with intense colour and passion.

Sven Joerg Hansen was born in Neumünster in Germany. He studied painting and graphic design and has been working since 1999
as a painter, graphic artist and art printer for other artists.

Sven lives and works in Germany. His work resides in private collections in  Germany, Austria, India and Switzerland.